What is NSBE?

The National Society of Black Engineers is an organization that strives to provide a support system for all of our members academically and build our members professionally through various programs and activities hosted throughout the academic school year. Through our regional and national organization NSBE provides scholarships to students. We attend 1 regional conference and 1 annual convention yearly that provides our members with the opportunity to network with industry veterans and other collegiate members from all over the country and world! NSBE conferences also provide members with job and internship opportunities. Come to our general body meetings to learn more!

What majors do you accept?

We welcome all majors including:

  • Engineering majors: Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, etc.
  • STEM majors: Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Automotive, Pre-med, etc.
  • All non-engineering majors: Business, Accounting, Finance, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Pre-Law

The primary focus of NSBE is on academic and professional development. We have programs and other activities that can benefit multiple disciplines across the campus. Students from all majors are welcome to join us and become apart of our family.

Do I need to be African-American to join NSBE?

No, NSBE is not only for African-American students! We welcome students from all races, sexes, and creeds. NSBE is a very diverse organization that has far reaching benefits such as: networking, scholarships and job/internship opportunities. We want all students on campus to be able to benefit from this. So please don’t hesitate to come to our meetings and join us. We welcome all students with open arms!

I am an international student, how can NSBE benefit me?

NSBE has programs that specifically cater to international students! When you join us we can provide a support system that not only benefits you academically and professionally but we can provide connections with thousands of other international students across the country. We understand the challenge of finding work in the United States when you are not a U.S citizen and NSBE provides you with the resources to navigate through this!